British expats outraged by Brexit

The uncertainty about the exit of Britain from the EU is huge. That’s why British expats are outraged with the Prime Minister Theresa May. They want answers to their questions and they don’t receive any.

One of the biggest concerns is the rights that people who live in the EU will have after Brexit and vice versa.

Knowing this, some problems that British people living in countries like Spain would be solved, especially what will happen with health cover.

British expats outraged claim European passports

The main objective for Britons living in European countries is that the organism that is in charge of negotiation of British rights in Europe after Brexit will allow them to continue living in these countries.

British expats outraged complain about the slow negotiations since “no” to the EU was voted. This is because the Brexit negotiating body has not contacted the expatriate associations.

The only organizations that have contacted the expat associations have been the embassies.

What expats are asking for is the opportunity to speak directly with the government in London so that they listen to their concerns before making any decisions.

British expats outraged

In Spain double nationality is not allowed

In the event of not getting to an agreement between the various parties to continue the free movement of persons between the UK and the EU, expats living in Spain will have to search for a second option:  obtain Spanish nationality.

Double nationality British-Spanish is not allowed in Spain so British residents would have to choose between one or the other.

Proof of this is the number of Britons who have taken the test to obtain Spanish nationality. Eight months after the referendum was held, 423 Britons were tested. The previous eight months only 70 British expats had done so.

With this situation it is normal that expats feel forced to obtain Spanish nationality rejecting their nationality despite of being a hard decision.

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