Health insurance for expats in Spain

Many times, when someone moves to another country, the free medical assistance that is available is quite unsure and many times it’s necessary to get an expat health insurance.

What is an expat health insurance about?

This is the one specially designed to cover all needs regarding health to be able to live in another country. This plan ticks all the requirements for Visa, to be declared resident or for NIE number.

Helalth Insurance for Expats in Spain

When is health insurance for expats needed?

Many countries in the world require that people who want to live or work in the country must have health insurance.

The reasons why expats decide to leave their home countries are different. In case of Venezuelans, it’s because of the social and political situation in their country. In this case, it is a must to get health insurance to be able to change the country of residence.

This is one of the requirements to obtain residents Visa in countries like Spain.

In the UK one of the reasons is Brexit. When the UK finally separates from Europe, it is very probable that all British people living in Spain will have to get a private health plan. They might not have the rights that they have at the moment regarding the public health system.

These are two of the most frequent cases nowadays but there are many other situations that require health insurance for expats.

Residents in the EU countries have a European health card. This card covers some health needs but to have a full cover, the best idea is to have a private plan.

What is covered in expats health insurances?

In Sanitas we have plans for International Residents depending on their needs. The only thing you must do is contact us and we will offer you a health plan designed especially for you so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.


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