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Consequences of Brexit for Britons


At the beginning, most of Britons were happy to leave the EU as we could see in referendum 23rd June 2016. Nowadays maybe some have regret voting yes. There are many consequences that Brexit can bring to Britons: Pay a huge amount to reach agreement In order to reach agreement with the EU, the UK would have to face a g...

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NHS collapse because of Brexit


The UK's decision to leave the EU has generated great controversy in British society. Especially regarding the health care they will have after Brexit. 190,000 expats return to the UK 190,000 pensioners live in EU countries and they may have to return as a consequence of Brexit. This could cost millions to the NHS ...

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Expats Britons living in Spain and the Brexit


About 600,000 Britons live in Spain. The imminent exit of the UK from the European Union (Brexit) and the notification sent by the British Prime Minister to the European Council can produce important changes in the rights of using the National Health system, which British expats are enjoying nowadays. This uncertain si...

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