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Consequences of Brexit for Britons

21/07/2017 · English

At the begining, most of Britons were happy to leave the EU as we could see in referendum 23rd June 2016. Nowadays maybe some have regret voting yes. There are many consequences that Brexit can bring to Britons:

Pay a huge amount to reach agreement

In order to reach agreement with the EU, the UK would have to face a gross payment of 100 billion euros in addition to allowing the free movement of people and the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union. If they refused to accept these conditions, they would be forced to lose access to the European single market, with dire consequences.

Refusal to accept EU conditions

If the United Kingdom were to leave the EU without reaching an agreement, it would lead to new tariff barriers. This would reveal the loss of competitiveness in its economy compared to the countries that continue in the European common market.

Increase in the unemployment rate as a result of the departure

Brexit would lead to an increase in the unemployment rate, in both: the manufacturing sector and the services sector. It is estimated that 100,000 jobs could be lost due to business leakage to other parts of Europe.
Could the UK recover from this situation? It's hard to believe. The only way out would be to reach an important trade agreement with the United States of Trump.

Return to the European Union

If the United Kingdom wasn’t able to exit the European Union with an agreement that would be beneficial to them, they would have to assume that they need the European Union for their country to thrive.

There are theorists who claim that "a cure for humility" would work., since the United Kingdom was always reluctant to assume all the conditions demanded by the EU. In case they assume that it is better to be part of the EU, this could have a positive impact on its inhabitants reinforcing the European feeling.

In conclusion, no one knows if the UK will eventually end up outside the EU or not or under what conditions. Everything will depend on its negotiation skills with the countries that are part of the European Union.

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