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NHS collapse because of Brexit

28/06/2017 · English

Uk’s decision to leave the EU has generated great controversy in British society. Especially regarding the health care they will have after Brexit.

190,000 expats return to the UK
190,000 pensioners live in EU countries and they may have to return as a consequence to Brexit. This could cost millions to the NHS (around 1,145 million euros per year).
NHS could get worse that it is nowadays, as acknowledge by the Minister of Health. This will depend on the agreements reached by the UK and the EU.

Increase of health needs
As a consequence of all this people coming back to the UK, hospitals would need 900 more beds than last year. More doctors, nurses and other health professionals would also be required to provide an optimal health service.
Around 1,600 more professionals would need to be hired.

Reduction of health professionals
NHS would need more materials and more professionals, but after voting NO to the EU, requests of health professionals to work in the UK have decreased in a 92%.
On the other hand, 12,000 doctors may leave the UK.
Some people have a different opinion. They believe that when leaving the EU, the UK won’t have to pay the EU a large sum of millions that can be used by the NHS and to cover any new needs.

The UK will try to maintain its health workers
759 international agreements will have to be renegotiated, establishing policies that will determine relations with the EU countries.
There are 168 countries to make agreements with, 295 bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, 202 texts that cover different fields, 69 fishery agreements, 65 transport agreements, 49 custom agreements, 45 nuclear energy agreements and 34 agriculture ones.

There is still a long way to go until the situation is clarified. Regardless of what happens in the future, we have health plans that are especially designed for expats living in Spain. Contact us by phone, email or fill-in our contact form. We speak English!

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